Friday, May 28, 2010

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Photo courtesy: Bryce Toole

Ripping Gypsy (RG): Hey my name is Bryce Toole. I live in Orlando Fl. Guess my profession would be living life to its fullest!

VM: “At what moment in your bmx career did you decide that you wanted to ride long distance?”
RG: I believe it was the summer of 05′, I was staying in Pittsburgh with Bobby Valentine and Greg Smee. One evening Bobby was like, “hey man im outta here” I was living with him at the time and was like….”well im coming with”. We jetted back to the house, packed a rough sack,which was a change of close and bam, Bobby,Greg, and I were off. It was a wild bmx cycle to Akron Ohio. Camped and rode the free concrete park for a few days. Ever since ive had this bug of adventure.

VM: “What was the biggest obstacle in achieving your first long distance ride, and how did you manage that?”
RG: Biggest obstacle would have to be either the countless flats, or the hills. Seeing that we were on bmxs’, it was gnarly.

VM: “What made you decide to stop in Pittsburgh?”
RG: I love Pittsburgh. The people, history, and what better of a way to get there,via bicycle.

VM: “What are you going to do when you get here, this time?”
RG: See all my buds. Definitely going to Primanti’s and getting a cold one and a sandwich. Were going to ride some bmx trails hopefully and pedal around Oakland hollering at some chicks hahaha. All around, just have a blast.

VM: “What’s next?”
RG: Well… I asked Bobby if he was able to ride some with me on the next leg of the trip out of Pittsburgh, and its looking like it could happen. Im stoked! Its going to be due west from Pittsburgh, over one of the many infamous bridges, and on to the open road.

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And My Mom, Momma Toole!

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