Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

If your German or just plain like beer you would dig this joint. The Hofbrauhaus out of Munich is over 400 years old. People here in Pittsburgh enjoy their beer like the Germans, so they felt the Hofbrauhaus would be a good fit. Sure enough it has been and with live music every night it is a blast. Mark, Bobby, Fisher and I ripped over for lunch and a couple liters and had some good laughs. The fella in the photo with us is Joe. He was jammin the whole time we were there and got to talkin with him a bit. Great guy. Cheers

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Over across the pond?

Guess the queen is ah hollerin for the mates. Alex, Shane, and Lee are gunna shred 80's night tonight and hop on a plane at 5am to head back yonder across the Atlantic. It's been a great few weeks with them wankas and looking forward to hang again sometime soon! Cheers dudes

Monday, July 19, 2010


While finishing up supper I was more than stoked to witness a mature cardinal feed its young. In the photo above is the young. I missed the photo opp, but in the long run it was nice company.


The house of "riverheads" really doesn't have a set number of residents, but has it's fair share of visitors. In the photo above are three out of the six radical dudes I have been living with while in Pittsburgh. Shane on the interweb, Dallimore in black checking is funds, and Wert itching his bum. Your probably wondering where the saying riverheads fits in. Well... with the summer heat, you would be dumb not to be a riverhead. Rope swing seshes have been at a all time high. Some fellers have even ripped it after the bar. Good times!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010



Well well well... After 30 plus days/1347.6 miles on the open road I have made it to Pittsburgh Pa. I have made the drive up a hand full of times, but I have to admit pedaling here has been both a challenge and treat! Met up with my buds Mark,Bobby,Fisher,The English,& also Eryn who is a cyclist and a new friend of TheRippinGypsy. Thanks to her I was able to get a much needed supper and some bevies at a local cycling pub "The O.T.B" After some high fives and stories it was off to another watering hole. Thanks to Fisher I will have a place to stay for a bit while I'm here. Got the chance to go to the warp tour thanks to our buddy Justin who plays in the band Andrew W.K. It was an all day affair with friends and music. Trying to find shade Bobby and I took matters into our own hands and made hats out of the empty beer boxs we polished off. Photos and more stories to come!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Got in touch with grom Rob while rippin through Front Royal and was able to met up with him and his buds at the local skatepark. The park is loaded with lines, rollers and a good vibe. Always a plus when the city is rad enough and makes it free to the public. Good to see our taxe money going towards something good! Now it's off to Harpers Ferry where I'm hooking up with a cycling trail that will take me through Maryland and into Pittsburgh.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Little Treat

To tell ya the truth, my sleeping mate and the stars beat this Super8 motel. It is nice being able to walk around town without worrying about all my gear though. Front Royal Va is pretty cool. Got some really tasty grub and was stoked to stumble upon some live music. Dudes were rippin some classic rock which is always a pleasure! Get your black cats and mortars ready....its time to shred! America

Book Worm

When im not rippin down the open road you can usually find me loitering on the side of a gas station enjoying "The Man Who Moved A Mountain". Its a great new read I got while on The Blue Ridge.

Rad Bike Shop

Cheers to the Cottles for the support! If your in the Fl area be sure to drop in and have a blast at their shop!! Mike is going to be in Pittsburgh in a week or two so check back soon for updates and wildness with that fella.