Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Elkton Virginia Rick

On and off the Blue Ridge Parkway I have met some loving and caring people. Low on water or calling you out for not talking out loud because your lonesome, the mountain people make you feel at home. I found state road 340 was on the same grid as the ocean and decided to stay clear of the mountains and its climds. With it came an open valley with humble little towns. With the days light coming to an end I was looking for a plot of land to set up camp. Passing a home owners yard sale I stopped and asked him if he knew of a good spot for me. Boy put yourself over der for the night he quickly said. It's been something else! Stories to come from Rick that's for sure!

Biking Bob

Met this fella at the Peaks of Otter rest area. He was stoked to see my set up and I was pumped to see his. First touring cyclist for us both to see on our trip, so that was pretty cool. He is from Cleveland and is pedaling to his lady friend in Tennessee. Good luck dude!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well things have been good! Hit a 1000 big ones and super stoked on that. Getting my fill on patches of wild raspberries is up there to. Tomorrow I'll be finishing up with The Blue Ridge Parkway and moving onto the Skyline drive which will take me through the Shenandoah National Park. Looking forward to the 80 or so miles on that. After the Skyline I'll be working my way that much closer to Pittsburgh. Photo update soon! Holla

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Blue Ridge Parkway

The Infamous Blue Ridge Parkway runs 450 miles, starting at The Great Smoky Mountains National Park & heads north through beautiful winding mountain ranges, out in the middle of nowhere towns and as far as the eye can see forest. It really is God's country out here. The Parkway offers overlooks, food services (every so often), picnic areas, lodging, and campgrounds. Everyone on the parkway for the most part are on the same level, nice and relaxed. Taking it in at a slow pace and with that its a great road to pedal on. Its been a treat meeting other cyclist and motorist. Its crossed my mind a few times to trade the bicycle in for a BMW motorcycle, seeing that they climb the mountains and a quicker rate than 4mph. The nice thing about traversing at the cyclist speed though, you get to see the little things you miss while in a fast moving vehicle. Like the little grub making it across the road while his little friend wasnt so lucky laying there flat as a pancake. The momma and baby deer I saw the other morning crossing the road. Or the fella and his wife, he asked if I had my rifle cause there was a big old turkey just up the way. Its the little things like that that really make cycling great! After a 75mile day I was getting into Roanoke Va before sunset. I see on the side of the parkway this old fella picking berries. I stop and ask em what kind they are... raspberries he says, and I eat a few with em. He ask where abouts im heading, and we chat a little bit. Asked him about motels close by and well the 85 year old man (Kyle) said, "if you like you can stay at my house." He said he was a widower and would like the company. I accepted the invite and walked with him a 1/2 mile to his house. He has lived here for the past 55 years and just until last week he never locked his doors. That changed because someone broke in and stole some cash ( wish I was here a week earlier.) Really nice of him trusting me and giving me a place to stay. After supper and watching a movie it was off to bed. Woke early and made breakfast for him. Really a great fella Mr. Underwood! Well it's off, back to the Parkway North towards Maryland where im going to jump onto the C.N.O. canal trail and head west towards Pittsburgh. Good friend Bobby V. might even meet up and shred some. Till then KeepRippin!

Boone North Carolina

Got in touch with an old bmx friend John Fennell and was able to stay two nights with him in Boone N.C. Home to the Appalachian State University, there is a good amount of young folk running around. The town of Boone is laid back and is in a pretty valley. With Fennells house "made out of steel shipping crates" it is close to everything. Nice being able to pedal around town and check out the towns history in what not. Got to hang out at the local bike shop where he works and also ate some great food at the Black Cat Burrito joint. Thanks Fennell for taking me in and showing me a good time. Cheers

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rippin Threw Asheville

Leaving Athens Ga, my new friend Jared with the rad V.W. bus gave me his buddy Lynx's number. Said it was a 50/50 chance he would pick up seeing that he works out in the woods and sometimes he just doesn't turn it on hahah. Got in touch with him and ended up staying the night with him and his girl. Their the couple in the post labeled "Swimming Hole". After a nice stay with them I phoned a bud B.J. He is a native to Asheville and thanks to him I was able to check out the local gnar parts of town. Went up this mountain that has been blown in half for an interstate and drank some beers, walked across a dam, and swung out of trees into crystal clear H2o. Even jumped on the bmx and rode their local trails! All in all it was a great time and thanks to Lynx and B.J. for making it happen!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Gift Time

For those that have been generous enough to donate money to TheRippinGypsy, I am wanting to give back to those that have helped me out! Please send me your mailing address via to receive a gift of some sort. Thanks again to everyone that is following the trip and that have donated to the trip! It means a lot!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swimming Hole

Play Me Some Mountain Music

Gotta love American Highways. I am 600plus miles deep in the trip and thanks to 441 its still a smooth ride. Im now deep in the Great Smokey Mountains, it is by far the prettiest yet. Staying in Asheville N.C. right now with a friend of a friend, Lynx & Ashely. Fun has already been had!!! Thanks to uncle Jiles, aunt Eloise, and Marsha Kay I had a lovely stay in Waynesville. Also a big thanks goes out to Mrs Oregon for helping out with the trip:) Here are some photos of uncle Jiles' mountain house along with a few from the swimming hole earlier today.

Buds In Athens

Thanks again to Ryan & Jeff for putting me up for a bit in Athens. Super rad dudes and a awesome bmx scene!! Cheers dudes

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hills,Hills,And Then Some

Day two since Athens. Hitting the mountains of north

Georgia has been beautiful and also

draning. Stopped at the Tallualh Gorge, which is the biggest east of the Mississippi. After checking out the over look I treated myself to a dip in the river. The water was great and now I'm on my way to Ashville N.C.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fun In The Sun & Great Food

Today was so good! Woke to our buddy Jared making this dialed breakfast which consist of eggs, black beans, fried green tomato's, yogurt,and some home fries. Super Rad!!! After a full tummy it was off to the trails. I was more than stoked at this point seeing that I was riding in Jared's VW Bus. With a smile from ear to ear I was content. Trails were smooth and the sesh was chill. With much needed dips in the lake it was a great time. After riding a bit it was off to get things ready for a pot-luck which we pondered up last night at the bar. There was squash and zucchini casserole, hamburger helper, cheese and toast, big thick juicy pork chops, sweet n tasty curry, Dave's burrito's, lovely avocado's, and some Texas toast. Thanks to go out to Ryan and Jeff for a place to stay, Jared and Dave for some great food and good times, and the locals for a great vibe and open arms for a fellow rider. Stoked on the new friends and looking forward to stopping back by on my way back east. Thanks :)

UGA Street Sesh

Ryan is one of the fellas ive been staying with here in Athens and is a rad dude. We went street riding the other day around the UGA campus and had a blast. With some rails,hops,and grinders we had a heck of a time. After a fun sesh, we cruzed over to Daves house and grabbed some grub and bevies. Then it was time to hit the night life.