Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Photo Sesh

The photos below are from the past month on the road. As you may already know, Bobby, Bill, and I ripped out of Pittsburgh earlier this month in search of the open road. I have to say, we found it. Hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Well those are photos of Blake, Bama, and I, so that means I'm in good old Birmingham Alabama!! Got here last night, and thanks to Blake I made it here safe and dry. He met me outside town and we taxied in his nice new truck. After a radical warm shower, supper was served... Burgers!! Got to catch up with Bama girl which is always a treat and got to share some recent stories. I'll be here for a few weeks and then it's off to the sunshine state for some turkey.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Well mother nature came through and let loose some rain. I lucked out and was able to duck in some spots when it got gnarly. I stopped at a funeral home that looked to be closed for quite sometime but seems it is still open and expecting some guest this evening. I saw a lady inside cleaning, so I packed my bags and right as I'm about to pull away I see a cop car. Sweet!! The lady called the fuzz on me. The two cops asked what I was doing and thought I was looney for cycling. One even wanted to see my miles, and you know I was more than happy to show em. They gave me the green light and I was out the gate. Had to pedal a few miles outta town to find some new ground but all worked out. Ohhh until the showers came and had a damp nights rest. Hit Decatur early this morning and shall be in Birmingham this evening. Sweetness!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

After a not so great night of rest, due to heavy rain and what seemed to be a acid induced light show, Bill woke feeling super sick and me super beat. My tent took in a good amount of rain to put the icing on the cake. We pedaled to subway for breakfast, (which isn't bad) and Bill picked up some meds. Over food and pills, Bill decided it would be smart to head back to Nashville and snag a ride back to Louisville. I agreed with him, and have to say I'm bummed to see em go!!
The ride for me today was hot and windy. Sorry to keep bringing up the headwinds, but man they suck!! I came across a turtle trying to dodge cars, so I picked em up and we hung out for a bit. Cool dude he was, but man is he slow. Next was the Henry Burton state park. Really didn't check it out but looked cool. Saw a turkey, and the place even has a golf course. Well I'm in my damp sleeping bag, and am laying in my damp tent, and am not looking forward to tomorrows forecast... Afternoon thunder storms!! Wish me luck:) Birmingham Al. in a few days?? I hope so!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our stay in Nashville this past weekend was nice!! We arrived in the afternoon and met up with Jenny, one of Gene's friends from Louisville. We hung out at the bike shop for a bit and then took off to grab some food and drinks. She offered a place for us to crash but we already made plans to crash with my buddy Alex. Fun was had the entire weekend!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Got The Time??

I have to admit, you catch a good amount of the uv rays while cycling hahah

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The topic today while pedaling was the gnarly head wind and the weather. We have lucked out tremendously and am diggin it!! The head wind... it sucks. The down hills, we should be rippin 25-30mph... try 12-17. It is what it is. Made it to Bill Dances' home state which is radical, and also crossed into the central time zone. Heard from Bobby this morning and all is well!! He's well ahead from the wolf pack and is missed!!

Cycle Slang

Bikerun- cycle tour
Bomb- to go 30mph plus down a hill
Climb- to go 5mph or below up a hill
Git- what you holler at a dog when it starts rippin after you
Rip/rippin- 1. Cover ground 2. Haulin tail 3. Gettin it done 4. Goin for it
Axe- Bobbys guitar
Campsite- 1. farm land 2.behind a shopping center 3. Friends backyard
Chill- 1. Opposite of rip 2. To hang out and take in the overlook. 3. To pedal slow
Slingshot- the gust of wind that pushes you when a semi rips past.

And Then There Were Two...

We started the morning a bit chilly and in route to a breakfast joint for food and a rippin hot coffee. Bobby decided it would be smart to pull ahead and go his own way down to Birmingham. Bill and I miss em already, but understand he can cover more ground than to stick back with our slower pace. He is going to take the Amtrak back to Pittsburgh which he's really stoked on. Can't wait to hear the stories!! Camping without Bobby and his axe has been quite boring. We three had some rad sing a longs haha.
As of right now Bill and I are in central Kentucky. We stopped at a cool old bike shop in Elizabeth town. The fella (who had an Abe Lincoln beard) was stoked on our trip and asked if we could sign the travel door. The door was covered with pen and ink, and we were honored to do so. Photos soon!! After that it was onto Lincoln parkway where we passed by Lincoln national park. Got to see where good old Abe was born n what not. The ride for the rest of the day was hot, hilly, and was backed with a head wind! Nashvilles ah callin.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dixie Rippin

The little Miami trail brought us into Cincinnati over the weekend with great weather. Bill phoned his cousin's Michael and Maura, and they were more then welcoming for us to stay. The building Mike lives in has a sweet view of the city, where we grilled burgers and visited for a good bit. After a few beers we hit the sack and caught up on some zzzz!! Thanks for letting us crash dude!!
We rose early and deployed from cinci. Finding state road 42 wasnt to bad but weren't overly stoked on the mountain climb that came with it's where abouts. The ride on 42 was smooth. It was nice seeing the blue grass state via bicycle. Farm land and horses!! We even got chased by a few hurding dogs and had to scream "get" for them to rip back and get outta the road. Wearing a new color tone due to the sun, we arrived in Louisville where we met up with our friend Gene and his lovely family. Thanks to little Elanor for laughs, Sarah for the great food, and Gene for taking us in and showing us a good time!! Thanks y'all!!
Well gotta look over the map and find our route to Nashville. Peace!!