Monday, August 16, 2010

Clam Chowder Anyone?

Well after the wedding in New Haven Bobby,Mark & I were off to Providence to meet up with our buddy Vic. He owns a really cool bike shop called Circuit BMX. Stayed the night in Providence and then we were off into the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Vic came along and that was a treat. He has been up and around the area which was nice. We hit up a swimming hole first thing and couldn't believe how beautiful it was.
The first night we figured we would set up camp in a camp ground. Met some cool people and it was in no time we had a ragging fire going. We were all hanging around the fire until out of the corner of my eye I see this huge black bear. This thing was full grown let me tell ya. On all fours, his back stood a good four foot off the ground. With our hearts thumping we got a rocky night of rest.
The morning we woke.... thank God, it was Marks birthday. Friday the 13th hahaha. The plan was to hit the swimming hole and then head up into the mountains, and thats just what we did. We loaded our bags and were off up the blue trail. First stop was the Arethusa water fall. Tallest fall in New Hampshire, some 200 ft. We ended up scaling up the side of the fall to the top. The view was nuts and a bit scary. After a nice chill sesh up on the fall it was back down and off to the next over look, Frankenstein cliff. With some good steep climbs we made it up and were ready for a snack. The look out was incredible! We could see our car way down in the parking lot and it was no joke the size of an ant haha. The hike down was pretty gnarly. Feet were getting tender and it was nice to crack open a beer and take in the days hike. It was awesome looking up at Frankenstein cliff and saying "we were just up there 30minutes ago".
Were now in Jamestown Ri. visiting Bobbys pop. Mr. George. He took us out last night and played some quarter games of pool. That was awesome. It was nice getting a much needed shower and a good nights rest.
Thanks to Vic for showing us a good time in the woods, and Bobbys Dad for taking us in and showing us the island. Great people!!
Check Marks blog also for some sweet trip pics and updates here!!

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