Monday, January 3, 2011

Oldest SkatePark In America

As you may already know I stopped at Kona Skatepark on the beginning leg of TheRippinGypsy trip this past summer and camped there with RedBull Dave. Well ten of us got into our buddy Aarons van a.k.a. "TheUnit" and ripped on up to Kona this past weekend. Mother nature wasn't on our side but that didn't stop us. We got neckter down the infamous snake runs and feel fun was had by everyone. On our way back the unit broke down and we had to push her to a gas station. There we hung out for a few hours and luckily Aarons girlfriend was able to come pick us up!! Thanks to RedBull Dave for having us and letting us rip and also to the girls that went out of their way to help us dudes out:) Good Stuff

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