Saturday, March 26, 2011

School Activities

These are fellow competing in Iron Chief. Some good food was made thats for sure!!

Last night was the Freshmen Class Talent Show. Up ahead is Shawn and a gal shredding. Dueling cellos that is.


  1. Yo havent checked this blog in ages, I looked over all the old posts, so it looks like your original bmx trailer trip ended how long did it end up being? looks like you've "settled down" and started school? thats sick what are you studying?

    p.s. you dont know me by the way, I followed your blog when you started it (might have asked you a question or two in the comments) but I was googling how to attach my bmx to my commuter so I could hit up the skatepark on the way home and i remembered I hadnt checked this blog in a while.

  2. haha ride on!! Thanks for getting back.
    The bicycle tour was rad!! I pedaled from Orlando Fl. - Pittsburgh Pa. There I hung out with some close friends. Flew out to California for a bmx trip. Back to Pitt. and from there me and two buds cycled down to Birmingham Al. where my older brother lives, and where I finished my trip. As of right now I am attending school, and loving it. I go to Asbury University, in Wilmore Ky. Keep in touch dude.