Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well well well... After 30 plus days/1347.6 miles on the open road I have made it to Pittsburgh Pa. I have made the drive up a hand full of times, but I have to admit pedaling here has been both a challenge and treat! Met up with my buds Mark,Bobby,Fisher,The English,& also Eryn who is a cyclist and a new friend of TheRippinGypsy. Thanks to her I was able to get a much needed supper and some bevies at a local cycling pub "The O.T.B" After some high fives and stories it was off to another watering hole. Thanks to Fisher I will have a place to stay for a bit while I'm here. Got the chance to go to the warp tour thanks to our buddy Justin who plays in the band Andrew W.K. It was an all day affair with friends and music. Trying to find shade Bobby and I took matters into our own hands and made hats out of the empty beer boxs we polished off. Photos and more stories to come!

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  1. Sweet! Congratulations Bryce, doin it to it!