Friday, July 2, 2010

Got in touch with grom Rob while rippin through Front Royal and was able to met up with him and his buds at the local skatepark. The park is loaded with lines, rollers and a good vibe. Always a plus when the city is rad enough and makes it free to the public. Good to see our taxe money going towards something good! Now it's off to Harpers Ferry where I'm hooking up with a cycling trail that will take me through Maryland and into Pittsburgh.


  1. i can't even express how jealous i am of you. i have long dreamed of cycling across the U.S. When your in Pittsburgh stop by boyce park in monroeville if you have time. i might see you there if my foot heals up in time. best of luck on your journey's man.
    - Madar

  2. We love you Bryce! Be safe! The Jones'