Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Blue Ridge Parkway

The Infamous Blue Ridge Parkway runs 450 miles, starting at The Great Smoky Mountains National Park & heads north through beautiful winding mountain ranges, out in the middle of nowhere towns and as far as the eye can see forest. It really is God's country out here. The Parkway offers overlooks, food services (every so often), picnic areas, lodging, and campgrounds. Everyone on the parkway for the most part are on the same level, nice and relaxed. Taking it in at a slow pace and with that its a great road to pedal on. Its been a treat meeting other cyclist and motorist. Its crossed my mind a few times to trade the bicycle in for a BMW motorcycle, seeing that they climb the mountains and a quicker rate than 4mph. The nice thing about traversing at the cyclist speed though, you get to see the little things you miss while in a fast moving vehicle. Like the little grub making it across the road while his little friend wasnt so lucky laying there flat as a pancake. The momma and baby deer I saw the other morning crossing the road. Or the fella and his wife, he asked if I had my rifle cause there was a big old turkey just up the way. Its the little things like that that really make cycling great! After a 75mile day I was getting into Roanoke Va before sunset. I see on the side of the parkway this old fella picking berries. I stop and ask em what kind they are... raspberries he says, and I eat a few with em. He ask where abouts im heading, and we chat a little bit. Asked him about motels close by and well the 85 year old man (Kyle) said, "if you like you can stay at my house." He said he was a widower and would like the company. I accepted the invite and walked with him a 1/2 mile to his house. He has lived here for the past 55 years and just until last week he never locked his doors. That changed because someone broke in and stole some cash ( wish I was here a week earlier.) Really nice of him trusting me and giving me a place to stay. After supper and watching a movie it was off to bed. Woke early and made breakfast for him. Really a great fella Mr. Underwood! Well it's off, back to the Parkway North towards Maryland where im going to jump onto the C.N.O. canal trail and head west towards Pittsburgh. Good friend Bobby V. might even meet up and shred some. Till then KeepRippin!


  1. Hell yeah Bryce! Rippin' along. Always looking forward to new updates.

  2. The old man story is one of my favorites... its important not to lose trust in people when someone does somethin wrong like that and he obviously hasnt lost it. I love old people, slow but so many stories full of life and wisdom. I wish we still lived in a worold of open doors