Monday, June 7, 2010

Southern Hospitality

It started when I started rippin in Georgia, this Southern Hospitality that is. Motor cyclist would honk and give me the biker fist. It was warming ill be honest. Shortly after the hand jesters, I stayed at my relatives house in Douglas. It was awesome seeing my cousin Amy and her husband Joey along with their new born Conner. Got to catch up and had some much needed soul food! From Douglas it was north and with the open road came gnar hills. Mean and not going anywhere it was pretty rough. Wore my tank top trying to even the tan lines,ended up just getting burnt. While pedaling, I passed this house with a horse out front, he dropped what he was doing, or may be some food steady and ready to get dropped, but he galloped over to the fence to say hey. I couldn't believe it so I stopped and hung with the fella for a good bit. Next was Dublin, Ga, and sadly figured out it wasn't home of the Guinness factor. Oh and earlier this morning while eating some breakfast this dude was telling the teller about hitting a deer shortly before he was in and it looked gnarly. Talked with him a bit about it. He wasn't to bummed hahahaha.

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