Friday, June 11, 2010

Broad River Outpost

Jeff,Ryan,and I went about 20 miles outside of Athens to the Broad River. For $15- bucks you get to rip down the river on some kayaks. The opening thing you do is even rad, you get to bomb this hill in the kayak. Cruzing down the river you get to see birds,turtles, and other drunk kayakers. The current flow is nice and steady, but the four or so drop offs are where its at. After the three hour nature float, the staff at the B.R.O. have these short school buses with racks on the back that drive ya back to the cabin where your vehicle is. All n all it is a great way to catch a buzz and see one of Georgia's many beautiful brown water rivers.


  1. Your out-spoken jersey should be there by 3 today if it is late usps owe us money keep on rippin bub

  2. I am pretty sure that a little further up the Broad river is where they filmed the movie Deliverance... for real.

  3. Oh Bryce. This is wonderful. I'm so happy you are living this life. xoxo! I really hope you pass through Columbus, I'll be happy to give you a place to stay!!! :)