Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fun In The Sun

I started this trip knowing that I was going to encounter a lot of flats, just didnt know when the first one was going boom. It was in Flagler Beach and had to have been one of the chillest flats I have repaired in my cycling days. I noticed something was up when the rig started swaying from side to side. I pulled off the shoulder and saw that the wheel on the trailer was not so pitted. Patched it and was rippin down the line once again. The open road ahead was beautiful. Pedaling threw the oldest city in the States (St. Augustine) it was a first and thought how wild it must have been a hundred years ago when non natives where coming over and wanting to rage. From Villano Beach to Palm Valley, Twelve Mile Swamp Conservation Area was to the left of me and the beautiful Atlantic on the east, it was radical! I arrived in Jacksonville Beach a bit late, 11pm to be exact. Thanks to Allison, Heather, Kelley,Colton, and Caitlian, I had a place to stay and was stoked to be able to celebrate Allison's Birthday with them and friends. It's beach living for another day and then its off into Georiga.

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