Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dixie Rippin

The little Miami trail brought us into Cincinnati over the weekend with great weather. Bill phoned his cousin's Michael and Maura, and they were more then welcoming for us to stay. The building Mike lives in has a sweet view of the city, where we grilled burgers and visited for a good bit. After a few beers we hit the sack and caught up on some zzzz!! Thanks for letting us crash dude!!
We rose early and deployed from cinci. Finding state road 42 wasnt to bad but weren't overly stoked on the mountain climb that came with it's where abouts. The ride on 42 was smooth. It was nice seeing the blue grass state via bicycle. Farm land and horses!! We even got chased by a few hurding dogs and had to scream "get" for them to rip back and get outta the road. Wearing a new color tone due to the sun, we arrived in Louisville where we met up with our friend Gene and his lovely family. Thanks to little Elanor for laughs, Sarah for the great food, and Gene for taking us in and showing us a good time!! Thanks y'all!!
Well gotta look over the map and find our route to Nashville. Peace!!

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