Thursday, October 21, 2010

And Then There Were Two...

We started the morning a bit chilly and in route to a breakfast joint for food and a rippin hot coffee. Bobby decided it would be smart to pull ahead and go his own way down to Birmingham. Bill and I miss em already, but understand he can cover more ground than to stick back with our slower pace. He is going to take the Amtrak back to Pittsburgh which he's really stoked on. Can't wait to hear the stories!! Camping without Bobby and his axe has been quite boring. We three had some rad sing a longs haha.
As of right now Bill and I are in central Kentucky. We stopped at a cool old bike shop in Elizabeth town. The fella (who had an Abe Lincoln beard) was stoked on our trip and asked if we could sign the travel door. The door was covered with pen and ink, and we were honored to do so. Photos soon!! After that it was onto Lincoln parkway where we passed by Lincoln national park. Got to see where good old Abe was born n what not. The ride for the rest of the day was hot, hilly, and was backed with a head wind! Nashvilles ah callin.

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