Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Well mother nature came through and let loose some rain. I lucked out and was able to duck in some spots when it got gnarly. I stopped at a funeral home that looked to be closed for quite sometime but seems it is still open and expecting some guest this evening. I saw a lady inside cleaning, so I packed my bags and right as I'm about to pull away I see a cop car. Sweet!! The lady called the fuzz on me. The two cops asked what I was doing and thought I was looney for cycling. One even wanted to see my miles, and you know I was more than happy to show em. They gave me the green light and I was out the gate. Had to pedal a few miles outta town to find some new ground but all worked out. Ohhh until the showers came and had a damp nights rest. Hit Decatur early this morning and shall be in Birmingham this evening. Sweetness!!

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