Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cycle Slang

Bikerun- cycle tour
Bomb- to go 30mph plus down a hill
Climb- to go 5mph or below up a hill
Git- what you holler at a dog when it starts rippin after you
Rip/rippin- 1. Cover ground 2. Haulin tail 3. Gettin it done 4. Goin for it
Axe- Bobbys guitar
Campsite- 1. farm land 2.behind a shopping center 3. Friends backyard
Chill- 1. Opposite of rip 2. To hang out and take in the overlook. 3. To pedal slow
Slingshot- the gust of wind that pushes you when a semi rips past.


  1. I love "slingshot." And of course I love Bobby's Axe. Miss yinz.