Tuesday, October 26, 2010

After a not so great night of rest, due to heavy rain and what seemed to be a acid induced light show, Bill woke feeling super sick and me super beat. My tent took in a good amount of rain to put the icing on the cake. We pedaled to subway for breakfast, (which isn't bad) and Bill picked up some meds. Over food and pills, Bill decided it would be smart to head back to Nashville and snag a ride back to Louisville. I agreed with him, and have to say I'm bummed to see em go!!
The ride for me today was hot and windy. Sorry to keep bringing up the headwinds, but man they suck!! I came across a turtle trying to dodge cars, so I picked em up and we hung out for a bit. Cool dude he was, but man is he slow. Next was the Henry Burton state park. Really didn't check it out but looked cool. Saw a turkey, and the place even has a golf course. Well I'm in my damp sleeping bag, and am laying in my damp tent, and am not looking forward to tomorrows forecast... Afternoon thunder storms!! Wish me luck:) Birmingham Al. in a few days?? I hope so!!

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